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PosterJet 7.5 Released

RIP aimed at HP and Canon printers.

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PosterJet 7.5, a RIP solution aimed toward users of HP and Canon printers, features more than 30 new and improved features, says the product's developer, Eisfeld Datentechnik GmbH, based in Germany.

The new features include:: a color curve editor with real-time and color-managed image previews; an ICC profile viewer for output and input profiles; multiple viewing angles; an animated 3D view; direct application of job templates to single or multiple files in the main or nest queue; the option to overwrite PDF/X3 workflow settings within a PDF file; a "fit-in-format" and "fit image to page size" functionality; and a Professional Import functionality that supports input from digital cameras, flatbed scanners, and large-format scanners.

The new version also includes new plug-ins for the HP Designjet 70 and 90, the Canon ImagePrograf W6400 and W8400, dye and pigment version; and for the X-Rite DTP 20, DTP 70, DTP 41/45, and Spectrolino.

Price: Approximately $604 (499 euros) to approximately $5561 (4597 euros).


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