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PowerFile Introduces Permanent Storage Appliance

Supports up to 12 500-GB SATA disk drives.

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PowerFile has released its Permanent Storage Appliance--a network-attached storage system that uses a highly scalable DVD-based subsystem with the capability to store files online for many years.

Comprising a rack-mountable network attached server and up to 18 DVD-based robotic libraries, the Permanent Storage Appliance can be used for long-term storage and regulatory compliance. A single system supports up to 12 500-GB SATA disk drives, providing up to 6 TB of high-performance cache and up to 30.6 TB of usable archive capacity.

Users can quickly access stored data as any other network volume online. Hot-swappable, redundant components allow for high availability and increased reliability, while the modular design enhances field serviceability. The Permanent Storage Appliance is powered by Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2003 for seamless integration with existing infrastructures.

MSRP: $11,495 for a starter kit, with add-on capacity at about $1700 per TB.



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