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PowerXChange Announces Extension Products Catalog

More than 2000 Quark Xtensions, Adobe Plug-ins and Macromedia XTras

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Looking for an Xtension, a Plug-in or an Xtra? ThePowerXChange has you covered with the 2003 catalog offering more than 2000 extensions and plug-ins for Acrobat, Photoshop, QuarkXPress , FreeHand, Director, and more. The catalog is available for download at www.thepowerxchange.com/thepowerxchange/catlaog_download.html.

The catalog was created with FileMakerPro and decompresses to a stand-alone database application on the end user's computer. Product details offer one-click access to demo, updater, and upgrade downloads.

ThePowerXChange focuses on print, web, prepress, and publishing industries with extensions and stand-alone applications for those markets. (ThePowerXChange: www.thepowerxchange.com)

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