PremEx Launches Fabric Media Line

Textiles for interior décor applications.

Big Picture

PremEx Solutions, a new joint venture between Expand Systems and Premier Textiles, is now offering a variety of fabric media lines. Products include:

DuraVibe Destin 5005, a lightweight, 100% cotton, latex-coated fabric for home décor applications. Available in 60- and 118-in. widths.
DuraVibe Inherent FR 5401, a polyester, latex-coated textile designed for the contract market and home décor. Available in 57-in. rolls.
DuraVibe Leenane, a medium-weight, textured weave media composed of cotton and linen. Applications include upholstery, home décor, and interiors. Available in latex- or pigment-coated finishes in 56-in. rolls.
DuraVibe Leenane Blackout 5196B, a cotton-linen blackout fabric with polyester backing for blockout applications such as blinds and curtains. Available in 55-in. widths.
DuraVibe Newport, a heavyweight textured weave material composed of cotton and linen. Designed for upholstery, home décor, and interior applications. Available in 60-in. rolls and latex- and pigment-coated varieties.
DuraVibe Phoenix 5458, a 100% polyester, woven textile media for indoor and outdoor home décor. Available in 59-in. widths.
DuraVibe Warp Satin, a heavyweight, 100% cotton material with a lustrous weave. The fabric features a subtle sheen for applications such as interior décor, duvet covers, and bags. Available in 56-in. rolls and latex- and pigment-coated varieties.
Savannah, a polyester fabric designed for dye sub (2451 variety) or latex (5451 variety) printing. Available in 57-in. rolls.
Front Lit, a polyester textile designed for latex printing. Available in 60- and 120-in. widths.
Denver, a lightweight polyester fabric with a linen look designed for dye sub applications. Available in 56-in. widths.
Chenille, a polyester textile media for dye sub printing. Available in 59-in. rolls.