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Prepress Primer From PIA/GATF

New reference tool covers the changes in prepress and digital workflow.

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Digital Prepress Primer, by Joseph Marin, has been published by PIA/GATFPress. Designed to offer a broad overview of the digital prepress industry for newcomers as well as experts, the book follows a user-friendly format and can be read straight through as an introduction to the industry or can be kept close by as a reference tool, the publisher reports.

'Prepress has undergone many changes over the last 20 years,' says Marin, senior prepress technologist/instructor for the Center for Digital Printing Excellence, the prepress training and production facility located at PIA/GATF headquarters in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. 'We have moved from a hands-on, craft-oriented method of producing work to an all-digital hardware and software-based workflow. Keeping up with all of the changes in prepress is an ongoing battle for everyone involved in print production.'

The book covers topics including:

-- Document design and typography;

-- Color specification;

-- Desktop publishing software;

-- Color theory, reproduction, and management;

-- Digital image files;

-- Graphic-arts workflow;

-- Common imaging file formats;

-- Preflighting;

-- PostScript and RIPs;

-- Digital trapping and imposition; and

-- Quality control.

Price of Digital Prepress Primer: $30.


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