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Press-sense's iWay 5.0, Manager 2.0

iWay offers more flexibility; Manager offers faster interface.

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Beyond a new look and feel, iWay 5.0 enhances variable-information production and reporting and offers increased flexibility in job-description parameters within the business workflow, as well as simpler workflow implementation. These changes allow for an improved online experience for print-buying customers. The software allows the creation of customized product and print-buyer catalogs with marketing messages and cross-sale functionality and can be personalized to the buyer’s interests. The variable information publishing enhancements allow print providers to create forms that are as simple or as sophisticated as the client needs.

The Manager 2.0 software can be used for charging both online and offline, print and non-print jobs. It includes customer-management tools, including the tracking of quick sales and walk-in customers, asset management, a business status dashboard and the management of group and account activities. Enhancements to the quoting and invoicing component include complete support for invoices, receipts, and deposits and integration with existing accounting systems. The CSR component has a faster interface that’s easier to learn, allowing even inexperienced CSRs to sell more sophisticated jobs. An internal sales messaging system has also been added.

Press-sense iWay is available in scalable configurations; ASP, stand-alone, and multi-site versions.


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