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Presstek Announces Facet RIP

Uses EFI Fiery RIP technology

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At Print 05 Presstek and EFI announced their partnership to develop the Facet software RIP, which will be sold under the Presstek name. The Facet RIP uses EFI Fiery RIP technology to generate RIP'd documents in a ROOM (RIP once output many) workflow. It includes archiving tools for saving pre-RIP'd data, PDF files, and PostScript files on the server's hard drive or external storage media. It also uses EFI's BestColor proofing technology in the optional Facet Proof module for connecting multiple proofers of various sizes.

The Facet RIP allows users to connect to other Fiery RIPs and control them using EFI's Command Workstation interface, allowing multiple printing jobs to be controlled from a single computer. Other features include an Adobe RIP engine, in-RIP trapping, PDF spot-color support and spot-color mapping, as well as RGB workflow support.

PRESSTEK www.presstek.com

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