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Prezenta's Pactiva is Portable Tabletop

Features 10 21 x 14-in. custom extruded panels

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Designed to be a compact and portable stacking panel tabletop display, Prezenta's Pactiva unit abandons the traditional 4-ft panels used in most stacking panel systems to reduce weight and size. Instead it combines ten 21 x 14-in. custom extruded panels with molded stacking guides to create a 27-lb display. The ultra-slim carrying case measures approximately 24 x 21 x 7 in. and has a molded handle grip and an adjustable nylon shoulder strap.

When opened onto a tabletop, the 64 x 44-in. display area has a 10 x 36-in. backlit header illuminated by a two-bulb halogen light bar. The reversible panels feature plush, Velcro-ready fabrics in black with reverse side colors in blue, silver, and burgundy. All graphics are contained in the carrying case when closed. List price: $995, graphics not included.(Prezenta Presentation Products: www.prezenta.com)

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