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Print Providers Can Test Their Printheads

Users will know if printhead is still electrically good

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ISI (Innovative Solutions Inc.) has released its new ISIJet Printhead Tester (PHT), which tests the electrical functionality of printers utilizing Xaar XJ128/200, 28/200, or 128/360 printheads. To utilize the PHT, shops disconnect connecting cable from the head while it is still on the machine; plug the ISIJet PHT into the head; and press the button. In 30 sec, says ISI, users will know if the head is still electrically good. If it tests bad (red light), replace it; if it tests good (green light), users can move on to troubleshooting other aspects of the printer.

In addition, ISI has announced a new distribution channel for its ISIJet line of printers as well as the Printhead Tester. The Alabama-based company has established 12 resellers in the US and internationally. Prior to this, the company sold direct as well as through OEM partner MacDermid ColorSpan, and had a reseller situated in Mexico.

"Our newly established distribution partners have the unique knowledge required to successfully sell and support the ISIJet Printers into their respective geographic regions and markets," says Jim Lambert, Innovative Solution's vice president of marketing.

ISI will continue to provide service and support to end users of its equipment. Some of its resellers in Mexico and Europe also offer service and support for the printers, with ISI support/service as backup. (Innovative Solutions, Inc: www.goisi.com)

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