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Printable Technologies FusionPro VDP Suite 4.1

Enhancements include Drag-and-Drop Rules Editor and "suppress background" functionality.

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Printable Technologies has released FusionPro VDP Suite, Version 4.1. Improvements and enhancements include:

* Drag-and-Drop Rules Editor: When combined with Templated Rules, the "Switch Editor," and JavaScript, the new Rules Editor gives users four options for creating data-merge and document-composition rules and conditional logic. Offers a user-friendly interface to create moderately complex "if/then" logic rules, nested rules, and Boolean "and/or" conditions, without requiring JavaScript.

* Tab stop design interface: Allows users to specify tab stops for variable-data text without knowledge of JavaScript.

* Undo/redo functionality: Users are not limited to a single instance of "undo" or "redo," but can apply the feature unlimited times.

* "Suppress background" functionality: For hybrid offset/digital printing workflows where black text is printed over pre-printed "shells," this feature allows users to compose a document with the static background displayed during the design process. Once the data variables have been placed and the document composed and proofed, the background is suppressed and only the variable text overlay is sent to production. Version 4.1 also includes helpful messages ("tooltips") in all variable frame dialog boxes, enhanced native language user interfaces, and an enhanced frame-selector tool.

FusionPro 4.1 is available in desktop, online, and server-based versions.


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