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Printable Technologies' FusionPro VDP Suite 6.0

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Printable Technologies has released FusionPro VDP Suite 6.0, including expanded functionality for its FusionPro Desktop product on both the Mac and Windows platforms (as well as the FusionPro Direct and Server composition engines). New features include:

* Adobe Acrobat 9 and InDesign CS4 support: provides seamless compatibility with Macintosh and Windows operating systems;

* Repeatable components: allows users to reuse small subsections of a design multiple times within a template to simplify complex jobs;

* JavaScript frame controls: users can modify up to 50 frame attributes using JavaScript rules for dynamic template changes, including colors, content, and frame visibility; and

* Repeat record: provides a simple and e_ ective rules-based method to easily repeat multiple records during composition for jobs that require sequencing.

Price: $599 for FusionPro Desktop; $299 for an upgrade to v6.0.


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