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Printable Technologies' FusionPro Web 6.5

New features make on-demand marketing services accessible.

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Printable Technologies has released version 6.5 of its FusionPro Web collateral management system. This new version adds an array of new features to make on-demand marketing services more accessible, scalable and profitable, including:

* Language localization for Printable storefronts: Supporting the creation of localized English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Dutch language storefronts, as well as calculating currency values and taxes for these European Union countries.

* Unicode variable-data publishing (VDP) typesetting support: Support for Unicode VDP typesetting to support a broader range of worldwide languages; new templates are created to supply variable text and receive versioned or variable print output in eight languages including: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Finnish, Polish, Greek, and Turkish.

* Transpromotional and transactional functionality: The ability to easily produce transpromotional (transpromo) and transactional output. Desktop design and Web-based publication tools are used to merge online list data with business rules, layout rules, and branded imagery to create templates for transactional items including statements and invoices with personalized marketing messages.

Additional updates to FusionPro Web 6.5 include Google Analytics support, improved template uploading and catalog editor functionality, and an expanded library of "How-to" video tutorials.


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