PrinterEvolution Showcases New Neo Series

Three models are available of the direct dye-sub textile printers.

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PrinterEvolution has introduced its new Neo Series of direct dye-sub textile printers, comprising the Neo64 DS, Neo74 DS, and Neo104 DS models (64-, 74-, and 104-in. respectively). All of the new 4-color Neo printers feature: Epson DX Variable Drop printheads; a true on-board calender fixation unit; and a 1.5-liter ink system. The Neo printers can accommodate standard digital textiles as well as specialty materials; the printers feature a smart cork roller for printing on stretchable fabrics and a smart trough and sponge system for printing on open-weave products without marking the back with “blow-by” ink. Top resolution is 1440 dpi; top speed is 344 sq ft/hr on the Neo74 (188 sq ft/hr on the Neo64; 321 sq ft/hr on the Neo104).

The company also has showcased a new addition to its Evo33 Series, which comprises repurposed EFI Vutek 3360 frames partnered with new technologies: the Evo33 S/UV. The 126-in. printer utilizes S/UV ink technology that combines attributes of solvent and UV and are also heavy-metal free. Available as a 4- or 6-color (CMYKcm) model, the Evo33 S/UV features Dimatix Q-class grayscale Versadrop printheads, 1200-dpi resolution, and print speeds up to 1285 sq ft/hr.


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