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ProductionServer4 from ColorGate

High-production RIP for print-for-pay environments

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ProductionServer4, from ColorGATE, is a workflow-specific software RIP designed for high-production environments in the print-for-pay market. It's available in two separate packages: ProductionServer4 SELECT and ProductionServer4 PRO.

ProductionServer4 Select is for the beginner and includes major working functions such as rotating, reflecting, copying, centering, duplicating, cutting out and previewing, section labeling, infotext, and free text. It can support one printer and operates with one RIP/printer queue. It features a single hotfolder user interface, auto tiling, and includes ICC color management with included ICC profiles. Users can load ColorGate Media Packages and then reference ink and media profiles for ICC linearization.

ProductionServer4 Pro is the high-end production tool. It includes the same major working functions as Select, but also features: an unlimited hotfolder interface; support for two printers; two RIPs/printer queues; a multicolor ICC engine; auto and variable tiling; TWAIN interface for use of TWAIN-capable scanners and digital cameras; expanded color correction with visual soft proofing; editing and exporting of media, ink, and reference profiles;linearization synchronization; printouts of documents during calculation; and automatic media-optimized arrangement of several jobs on one printed sheet. (ColorGate: www.colorgate.com)

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