Proof Inkjet Prints with Image Pro 5000

JUST Normlicht offers compact, desktop viewer

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For graphics professionals seeking to evaluate color-accurate proofs output from a desktop inkjet printers, JUST Normlicht, Inc offer the Image Pro 5000.

Priced at $399, the space-saving copyholder features Color Control Daylight 5000 fluorescent tubes with a color temperature of 5000K. The unit evenly illuminates the proofs without glare or reflection. Built-in clamping rails make it easy to position smaller proofs near the top of the unit.

Optional sidewalls make it possible to place the Image Pro 5000 next to other prepress equipment. An optional dimmer allows users to maintain the color temperature of the lighting on the proof even when the brightness level of a nearby monitor for soft-proofing changes. (JUST Normlicht: 215-781-2200; www.justnormlicht.com)

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