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Prospect Qualification Tool From Caslon

PQT helps owners quickly decide on possible jobs.

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Caslon & Company has announced today a new Prospect Qualification Tool (PQT). Designed to address the growing difficulty of qualifying prospects quickly, before time and energy are wasted, the PQT aims to help print providers determine if a new client or project is a good fit and a profitable use of finite resources. By answering a few simple questions, a sales person can know immediately if he/she should pursue a good prospect or pass on a potentially unprofitable one. The PQT is available for production projects as well as Web-to-print projects. The tools contain both Excel and Word forms.

The Excel form is full-featured and contains drop-down fields for easy answer selection, automatically tabulates qualification scores, and can be customized to meet the user’s needs; users enter data about the potential client/project and the resulting score, combined with a series of additional factors, leads to a recommendation. The scoring structure can be customized for differing business requirements. The Word form is provided for those who are more comfortable with this type of document. Both tools come with instructions that explain how to use the tool and how to make customizations. Price: $199, Web-to-Print version; $99, Production version.


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