A Public Display of E-motion

Fairfield Displays doubles the display power of windows

Big Picture

The E-motion display from Fairfield Displays and Lighting uses rotating blades to allow two images or products to be displayed in a window simultaneously.

Two designs are available, for either posters or products. For poster presentations, a standard poster is cut into strips and slid into the acrylic blades on each side of the display. No tools are required. For product presentations, curved shelves are affixed to the vertical panels, making it possible to display small items. As the blades rotate, they allow natural daylight to pass through into the interior of the room.

E-motion is suspended by almost invisible cables stretching from floor to ceiling. A low-voltage current passes down the cable to provide the power to the motor that turns the display's rotating blades. (Fairfield Displays & Lighting, Inc.: 215-997-5510; www.fairfielddisplays.com).

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