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PuzzleFlow Version 3 Unveiled

Features new Transparency Flattener and Image Filter modules.

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Poland-based ACC HSH Group has recently upgraded its flagship PuzzleFlow workflow product to version 3. Version 3 features two new modules in the automatic job-processing area: Transparency Flattener and Image Filter. Transparency Flattener flattens the transparency and overprint effects to PDF 1.3 format, acceptable for all output devices, while Image Filter applies automatic graphic filters to bitmaps.

Other job-processing functions of PuzzleFlow v. 3 include: support for Device-Link direct color transformation profiles and unsharp masking after color transformations (the Color Manager module); better optimization of fragmented images and smooth shades as well as PDF correction (Toolbox); automated font-to-curves conversion preserving text-searching abilities (Font to Curves); layer handling and multi-lingual support (Layer Manager, Annot Flattener); and moving spot-color objects to layers (Color Mapper).

Also now incorporated into PuzzleFlow is the company’s PdfOganizer, an imposition tool that was formerly part of ACC HSH’s PdfTools.


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