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Quark Labs Provides Technology Preveiws, XTensions

Users can test-drive XPress technology.

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Quark has announced Quark Labs, a new portal that features QuarkXPress 7 XTensions designed as a test-drive for XPress technology. QuarkXPress users (and developers) have free access to Quark Labs for technology previews, proofs of concept, and new as well as familiar XTensions.

"Quark Labs is all about moving technology forward through collaboration with the Quark community," says Paul Schmitt, Quark’s vice president of emerging technologies and strategic alliances. "By making our development ideas and concepts available, we hope to solicit honest feedback that will positively affect the direction of both Quark and QuarkXPress 7."

Just a few of the new XTensions in Quark Labs:

* Welcome Screen: A navigation screen that appears at the QuarkXPress 7 launch, allowing users to open recent projects, create new projects, or create new libraries without going through menus. Welcome Screen also offers training videos and an RSS feed of Quark-related news. Welcome Screen is currently available for English-language Mac users.

* Image Drag and Drop 1.0b: Allows users to drag images from virtually anywhere-folders, desktop, and more-and drop them into a QuarkXPress7 document. The source code for the Drag and Drop 1.0b preview will also be available on the site.

* ShadowCaster3.3: Adds transparency, blending modes, and special effects such as shadows, glows, and bevels to XPress layouts; version 3.3 is compatible with QuarkXPress 7.

Also at Quark Labs, users and program developers have the opportunity to communicate directly to implement and test XTensions concepts and provide feedback.


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