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Quark Launches QuarkXPress 7.0

Enhanced design features multi-channel publishing and collaboration.

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At this year"?s On Demand show in Philadelphia,
Quark launched version 7.0 of its QuarkXPress desktop publishing software;
the company had previewed the software"?s latest features at last year"?s On Demand show.

QuarkXPress 7 includes enhanced design features such as multi-channel publishing, collaboration, and job-driven workflow capabilities. Specific enhancements

"? Composition Zones: Users can divide layout pages into zones and collaborate on those pages over a shared network.
"? Transparency: Version 7 supports item opacity, drop shadows, alpha channels,
PSD layer transparency and blending,
and transparent backgrounds in TIFFs and PSDs.
"? Job Jackets: Built on the JDF standard,
a Quark Job Jacket contains all layout intent and rules, output specifications,
contact information, and other resources required to carry a job through the production and print process.
"? Support for OpenType and UniCode: These interface improvements make it easier to insert special characters without
looking up keyboard commands or resorting to third-party software.
Price: $749; upgrade cost: $249 (from any version).

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