RealViz Upgrades Stitcher Unlimited

Software improves wide angle panaramas.

Big Picture

RealViz has announced the availability of Stitcher Unlimited 5.6, the latest version of the company’s professional-level application for the creation of wide-angle panoramas for print, the Web, film, and 3-D.

Version 5.6 introduces Mac Universalcompatibility and HDR (High Dynamic Range) capabilities, enabling users to load, stitch, and save HDR images. Users are able to combine under- and over-exposed images into the same panorama with HDR imaging. Additionally, the upgraded version allows all image-processing operations to be available for images with 32 bits per channel.

RealViz also has introduced RealViz HDR Imaging Studio, which bundles Stitcher Unlimited with the company’s VTour 1.2 HDR and HDRSoft’s PhotomatixPro product. The upgraded VTour 1.2 HDR enables users to create 3-D HDR scenes from digital snapshots and panoramas; Photomatix Pro is a standalone program with exposure blending and tone mapping tools.

Price: Stitcher Unlimited 5.6, $580 (upgraded from v 5.5, $130); HDR Imaging Studio, $2580 (upgraded from Virtual Tour Studio, $1580).