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RecolorST and RecolorLE Plug-Ins

Color-editing plug-ins compatible with Photoshop.

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FoksMarx has released two new Adobe Photoshop-compatible plug-ins, recolorST and recolorLE.

The recolorST object color-editing plug-in can be used for color equalization, color enhancement, or removing color stains and bleaches. The image-correction program uses statistical methods to rescale the fader sensitivity when a new palette is added, therefore reflecting the editable color range. RecolorST blends or replaces color in selected regions from a color palette. Palettes can be made from a single sample region or the entire image. Object contrast can also be enhanced, as well as improve skin imperfections or improve damaged, old photographs.

RecolorLE is the feature-reduced free version of recolorST. This version lacks advanced features such as dual-palette processing.


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