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Redhill Debuts Three Wide-Format Printers

All three use solvents

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Redhill Inkjet, based in New Hampshire, now has exclusive rights in the US and Canada (as well as a few other countries) to sell the Shanghai Yaselan line of printers. Redhill has made modifications to the S. Yaselan line to better accommodate Western print providers, says the company"?particularly when it comes to consistency and ease of operation. The Redhill line includes the YSL S8, the YSL 2300D, and the YSL 3500VE; all printers will carry the Red Hill nameplate.

Redhill printers run some high production- mode speeds"?up to 922 sq ft/hr. Redhill's Alan Barrett claims that all production speeds on Redhill's printers produce sellable graphics. "Every printer (other than Redhill printers) that I have ever seen has serious banding in its faster speeds. The Redhill line has been engineered to allow faster production speeds and yet make sellable prints."

The Redhill YSL S8 printer is a 130-in. wide, solvent 4-color printer. It features eight Spectra printheads and true 360-dpi resolution. Designed for a mid-range production facility and to print applications with a 10 ft+ viewing distance, the S8N offers print speeds up to 922 sq ft/hr in production mode, 511 sq ft/hr in better mode, and 264 sq ft/hr in best mode. Price: $149,000.

The Redhill YSL 2300D is a 87-in., 6- color (CMYKcm) solvent-based printer. It features Konica printheads (14-picoliter drop version) and true 720-dpi resolution. Designed for shops that need to print near photo-quality images, the 2300D prints up to 300 sq ft/hr in production mode, and 175 sq ft/hr in photo-quality mode. Konica also offers a 40-picoliter drop version of this particular printhead; Redhill chose the 14-picoliter version, says Barrett, because the 40-picoliter version would produce too much overlap, resulting in muddy images on Western media. Price: $59,000.

The Redhill YSL 3500VE is a 130-in., 4-color solvent printer for the small shop that wants to produce large signs fast (with viewing distances of more than 10 ft). It features 16 Xaar XJ-128 printheads and a 370-dpi resolution. Print speeds are up to 682 sq ft/hr in production mode, 368 sq ft/hr in better mode, and 187 sq ft/hr in best mode. Price: $59,000.

All three machines leave China with the Scanvec Amiable Photoprint DX RIP, which is included in their prices. Redhill recommends the optional Onyx ProductionHouse RIP for the S8 and 2300D printers. (Redhill Inkjet: www.red-hill.com)

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