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Reduce Billing Costs with Online Payment Service

EZPaymentservices automates accounts receivables process

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EZPaymentservices' online payment system gives printing companies the opportunity to reduce their costs of billing and collection by more than 90%. The system eliminates the costly and time-consuming process of recording and depositing checks and sending paper invoices, reminder letters, and replacements for lost invoices. With the EZPaymentservices system, companies can instead upload their invoices and their customers are immediately notified via e-mail and view and pay invoices online. Funds transfer through the United States Federal Reserve Bank in seconds using true 128-bit SSL encryption.

According to the Gartner Group research firm, an online payment system saves $12 to $17 in paper, postage, and handling, and reduces the amount of time until funds are available by one to two weeks.

EZPayment goes beyond electronic funds transfer by helping companies bill customers on a regular basis to automate their entire accounts receivable process. They can easily send messages by e-mail to a single customer, all customers that meet certain criteria, or all of their customers. This makes it easy to automatically send gentle reminder messages to customers whose balances exceed 30 days, to send a sterner notice to those whose balances exceed 60 days.

Companies can also review their customer transaction history and payables balances at any time and have the option to charge their customers a small service fee for the convenience of making online payments. Customers can automate the process of paying regular invoices. (EZPaymentservices: www.ezpaymentservices.com)

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