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Remove PDF Passwords with pdf-Recover

Decrypted document can then be encrypted again.

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For print providers receiving password-encrypted PDFs but unable get in touch with clients to find out the passwords needed to proceed with their workflows, pdf-Recover can help.

Universe Software's pdf-Recover Professional, now at version 3.6, removes a PDF's main password with a single click. It decrypts an encrypted document up to 128-bit encryption"?even passwords in documents created using Adobe Acrobat 7 and Form Designer 7.

The decrypted document can be encrypted again with different passwords"?titles, search phrases, and author information can also be added defining all the presentation characteristics of the document. Pdf-Recover Professional is compatible with Windows 9x and later, Mac OS X and Linux.

The product is priced using a per-seat graduated pricing scale, starting at $27.55 for a single seat.


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