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RIPflo Proofing Plug-in for Harlequin RIP

Allows users to create proof files, post-RIP imposition files, and high-res data.

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Polkadots Software has launched Pre-Page-it RIPflo, a workflow plug-in for the Harlequin RIP versions 5 to 7. The plug-in features a ROOM (RIP Once Output Many) workflow, allowing users to create proof files, post-RIP imposition files, and high-resolution data.

RIPflo installs onto a Polkadots Rasterize- It RIP or any other Windows-platform Harlequin RIP. Users choose a page setup and apply RIPflo as the device. RIPflo then processes incoming files and saves all of the information to the hard drive, sorting the processed files into individual sub-folders so that further processes, such as imposition, can occur without needless searching.

The plug-in turns PostScript, PDF, EPS, DCS, DCS2, TIFF, and JPEG files, into standardized PDF files that can be e-mailed for approval as well as opened on-screen for softproofing or sent to any laser printer or inkjet printer for hard-copy proofs. Price: $1995.


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