Roland Introduces 3D Printer, Milling Machine

Products are part of the monoFab series launch.

Big Picture

Roland has announced its first additive 3D printer, the ARM-10, and a compact 3D subtractive milling machine, the SRM-20, part of the company’s monoFab series.

The ARM-10 is designed for the initial stages of prototyping or modeling a complex shape. The printer features a Digital Light Processing (DLP) layered projection system and builds models by curing layers of Roland’s imageCure resin from a resin tray, which then becomes semi-transparent. Simultaneous production of multiple objects is also possible. The included monoFab Player AM software supports 3D printing from STL files and features automatic functions such as healing that fills in any gaps in 3D data, simplifies meshes, and generates supports, according to the company.

The SRM-20 desktop mill features a milling spindle, independent collet, circuit board, and firmware. The SRM-20 can mill a variety of non-proprietary materials including acrylic, ABS, wood, and modeling wax. An interlocked cover prevents dust from escaping during milling, and a full suite of software is included.


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