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Rolljet Auto Take-up Reel

Designed for unattended printing.

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For unattended printing and an extra-long drying time for printers, German manufacturer Basys has unveiled its RollJet 3003 take-up reel. With a top speed of 1 m/min, the RollJet winds up the printed graphics synchronous to the printing process, while leaving it enough time to dry.

RollJet’s roller screws into the printer’s frame and works independently of the printer itself. The system comprises the aluminum roller mounted onto the frame, a tension roller located in the "loop" of the printed media, and a contact-free optical loop sensor located on the floor that ensures the loop of printed media does not hit the floor. Once the roller is filled with printed media, it can be removed for further processing (such as cutting and laminating).

In addition, the roller has side plates to ensure a straight wind-up of printed graphics. The RollJet also offers optional cone adapters to allow take-up onto 2- or 3-in. cardboard cores.

The RollJet is currently available for the Roland VP-printer series and the Hewlett-Packard T- and Z-series of printers. MSRP: $1165.


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