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Roysons DreamGuard Protex3 Liquid Topcoat

Multiple applications for aqueous laminate.

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New from Roysons is DreamGuard Protex3 Liquid Topcoat. The aqueous laminate can be applied with a liquid laminator, brush, or roller and is compatible with solvent, mild-solvent, and UV-curable prints. In addition, it can be applied horizontally (flat) after printing or vertically at the jobsite to seam, seal, and protect textured surfaces. DreamGuard can also be added to already-installed murals or wallcoverings to add UV stability, washability, and durability.

Appearing milky white upon application, you can roll or wipe-off excess and the product will dry clear in one to two hr. It produces no off-gassing and cleanup of rollers, brushes, and pans requires only soap and water. Available in 1- or 5- buckets, or 55-gal drum.



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