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SAi Launches Color Solutions, Automotive Suite, and Sign.com

Includes new Sprint handheld spectrophotometer.

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At the ISA Expo this spring, SA International announced the release of a host of new products and product updates, ranging from color-management and vehicle-wrap tools to a newly branded website for the print-provider community.

As referenced in our April issue, SAi's new color-management tools will fall under the company's recently introduced Color Solutions suite and includes an entire color-management line, customized for the graphics marketplace. The suite comprises a Sprint spectrophotometer, Snap color profiling guides, and ColorExcel color-verification software, each of which is available independently or bundled:

* The Sprint spectrophotometer is a handheld, mouse-shaped reader with 'Wide-Aperture' technology allowing it to scan six adjacent color patches in one swipe. According to SAi, at a six-patch width, the Sprint can scan 2160 patches per minute with the 40-mm measurement aperture. The device is calibrated through automatic, firmware-enabled internal calibration reference, and a user calibration strip.

* The Snap color-profiling software, which integrates seamlessly with the Sprint spectrophotometer, guides users through step-by-step color management. The wizard-like interface allows novice color managers to reduce errors while offering advanced profile options for experienced users to create specialized profiles. Based on SAi's PhotoPrint Color Profiler, Snap profiles follow ICC standards and can be used with most major software. Available in three versions: Snap Basic, Snap Plus, and Snap Pro. All three versions provide: ICC profile creation, CMYK profiling, spot-color measurement, Sprint compatibility and X-Rite Eye-One compatibility, black start and width, profile sizing, and UCR/GCR. The Snap Plus version also offers profile editing; the Snap Pro version adds profile editing and six-color profiling.

* ColorExcel color-verification software compares colors to determine the Delta E difference between them. ColorExcel can compare color samples printed with various devices on differing media. The program analyzes information from a spectrophotometer and offers a 'pass' or 'fail' rating for color consistency, ensuring that corporate colors match. Additionally, user-created master files enable users to determine color tolerances to set custom standards. The ColorExcel master files work with any printer; the program has a built-in calibration system that works with standard spectrophotometers, and works as a standalone or integrated system.

SAi also released the newest Mac-friendly version of its signmaking software, Flexi8mac. Designed for Macintosh OS 10.4 or higher, the product features new updates in design, production, and color. Design features include new icons and full preview, customizable shortcut keys, direct PDF exporting for remote proofing, project job statistics, on-screen spell check, send native file as e-mail, and import/export layer support. Flexi8mac also touts improved desktop printing, apply template for custom job information, cutter-driver options per color, split lines and Weedlines, and users can now specify overcut distance for vinyl cutting to ensure closed shapes. Plus, the Flexi8mac upgrade includes an enhanced color-management system, on-screen preview, and object color control to view and modify exact output color. The program's drivers have also been expanded to include the newest printers and cutters.

Sign.com is SAi's new online resource. Users can browse, purchase, and download individual files of clip art, vehicle templates, vehicle-wrap systems, graphic fills, textures, and fonts. Educational and training information is also available on the site and Sign.com is a purchasing point for extended support plans for SAi products and offerings. 'Flexi, PhotoPrint, and EnRoute users now have a central location to manage their products,' says Matthew Scher, SAi’s director of e-commerce, 'We built Sign.com with an emphasis on the user experience.'

The company also has packaged its vehicle-graphics offerings into an Automotive Suite of products. The suite comprises vehicle templates, window-tint templates, graphic fills, auto graphics, fonts, paint protection, camouflage fills, and more. The recently introduced 'Inferno' collection includes two volumes of full-size, high-resolution flame images (more than 130 total designs).


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