SAi’s New Flexi Cloud and PhotoPrint Cloud

They offer job support, cloud storage, and FlexiQuote.

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SA International (SAi) has introduced SAi Flexi Cloud and SAi PhotoPrint Cloud, – Web-based tools designed to bring Internet-based capability to the company’s brands, while adding new functions.

Accessible via a Cloud Web Window that sits on a user’s desktop display, SAi Flexi Cloud and SAi PhotoPrint Cloud offer three tools that enable users to enjoy greater versatility across production and job tracking, wherever they’re working, including:

• Job Reports: Provides summary production information on completed projects, provides critical analytics on print-and-cut jobs and media usage, plus total production time on each job.

• Cloud Storage: An online data hosting facility that provides print and sign businesses with 1GB of free storage for uploading and archiving design jobs for backup, sharing, and retrieval. This feature also provides the platform architecture needed for future cloud-based business-growth capabilities, the company reports.

• FlexiQuote: A Web-based tool that allows shops to quickly and effectively create customer quotes for new jobs. It comes pre-loaded with a database of standard media and their costs to rapidly and accurately configure pricing, while factoring in materials, labor, commissions, discounts, and taxes.

SAi’s new Flexi Cloud and PhotoPrint Cloud solutions are Windows 8 compatible.


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