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Sawgrass Technologies Signs Licensing Deal with Hilord Chemical

Hilord to offer Sawgrass' water-based, dye-sub inks for digital printing

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Digital-ink and toner manufacturer Hilord Chemical Corp. has reached an agreement with Sawgrass Technologies Inc. to license Sawgrass water-based dye-sublimation inks for digital printing. Hilord Chemical already offers a solvent-based dye-sublimation ink.

The Hilord license is the second dye-sublimation ink license that Sawgrass Technologies has announced this year. According to Sawgrass CEO Nathan Hale, "The digital printing marketplace will see Sawgrass being very active this year to assure that the dye-sublimation formulations available are the best possible solutions and meet the appropriate requirements of our intellectual property."

Sawgrass Tehcnologies has been making dye-sublimation products for digital printing for more than a decade. Products developed by the company include dye-sublimation ribbons for thermal-transfer printers, dye-sublimation inks for desktop and wide-format inkjet printers, and dye-sublimation toners for laser printers. (Sawgrass Technologies: www.sawgrassink.com)

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