Scanera TopFace Pro Scans 3D Objects

Can scan originals up to 4-inches deep.

Big Picture

Newly Corporation’s Scanera TopFace Pro provides high-resolution scanning of 3D objects and can scan fabric, wood grains, materials, food, artwork, and more up to 4-in. deep. The TopFace Pro features a large-format 23 x 33-in. scanning bed, a variable light source to bring out shadows and highlights, and a proprietary video circuit that is designed to interpret scanned data and create a realistic replication. Optical resolution is 400 dpi; output resolution is 100-800 dpi.

The scanner comes bundled with Scanera Eyes high-speed viewing/editing software. The unit is self-contained; all equipment, including the camera, is housed internally.

Distributed in the US by A-Lex International Consulting.


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