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Scanvec Amiable Acquires Colorbus European Operations

Color Print Solutions will continue to sell Cyclone products in the US.

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Scanvec Amiable has acquired the European Operations (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) of Colorbus, including Colorbus UK Ltd. staff and offices. It also has purchased a worldwide license for the Colorbus Cyclone software and the right to sublicense and further develop the software.

"Colorbus will enhance Scanvec's existing operations in Europe, and will add significantly to our capabilities in the proofing, prepress, and graphics-art markets," says Mark Blundell, CEO of Scanvec Amiable.

"This effectively means that Scanvec Amiable now has a complete product lineup for driving printers the sign, label, CNC, packaging, poster, prepress, and proofing markets," says Nick Gilmore, general manager for Colorbus.

Although Scanvec will not be using the Colorbus or Cyclone brand names in the US, "it does have the right to sell and develop products using Cyclone technology under its own Scanvec name and new product branding in the US," says Gilmore.

California-based Color Print Solutions Inc., the previous parent of Colorbus Europe operations, will continue to operate under its own name and sell the Cyclone products in this country. (Colorbus: www.colorbus.com, Scanvec Amiable: www.scanvecamiable.com)

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