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Scanvec Amiable Upgrades Product Families

New versions of PhotoPrint and Flexi software

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Scanvec Amiable has upgraded two of its products"?PhotoPRINT RIP software and Flexi signmaking software to include several new features and improvements.

PhotoPrint 4.6 RIP software now includes more than 145 drivers for industry printers and cutters. It has the Pantone Spot-Color Library for Custom Color Mapping as well as output setting presets, which allow job print settings to be stored and applied for repeat jobs.

Other new features include: Two Printer Simulation, which enables the user to print on one device as it will look on another; interactive nesting to manually edit the placement of images in a nested job; and No Color Correction rendering intent to allow certain objects in a file to be printed without any color management.

Scanvec's Flexi 7.6 signmaking software has added new features including: a Preference Manager for easy setups; the ability to open multiple color palettes simultaneously; Adobe ICC profiles; interactive nesting; a Pantone Spot-Color Library; and more. The new version also comes with improved ink split controls for smoother transitions; support for thirdparty ICC output profiles; and some Gerberspecific improvements. (Scanvec Amiable: www.scanvecamiable.com)

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