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School Advertising Takeover

School Media outputs graphics to help schools earn money.

Big Picture

School Media, a niche marketing company with in-house print capabilities, offers high schools across the country the opportunity to sell advertising on its lockers and walls to earn additional funds for the school’s needs. Profits go to hiring more teachers, purchasing more books and computers, and the support of special school programs. With a strict set of regulations, School Media enforces a policy of positive, practical messaging that encourages healthy, active lifestyles to its target market: students.

Recently, 3M Command partnered with School Media to market its hanging products and offer students decorating ideas to personalize their lockers. After receiving the graphic files from the client, School Media adjusted the image for size and sent a PDF file and printed sample on the chosen media for approval.
Using an Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 with UltraChrome GS inks, School Media output the graphics onto 3M Controltac 180-10C and added Scotchcal 8519 laminate using an AGL 64i laminator.

School Media contracted 3M certified installers to install the advertisements; the 5 x 5-foot job took only 40 minutes to install. School Media currently serves hundreds of schools across the US, with a waiting list of more than 3000 additional schools wanting to secure more advertising.


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