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Screen Adds Features to Truepress Jet2500UV

Multi-layer printing and automatic generation of see-through graphics now available.

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Screen USA has showcased two new features now available on its Truepress Jet2500UV printer: multi-layer printing and automatic generation of see-through graphics.

Now a standard feature on the Jet2500UV, multi-layer printing gives users the ability to print seven separate image layers without feeding the media back through the machine. The resulting multiple layers of ink can improve the performance of backlit displays and window stickers, create embossed and three-dimensional effects on flexible and rigid materials, and allow images to be viewed from both sides of transparent materials with no show-through.

The printer’s ability to automatically generate see-through graphics is accomplished by leaving certain sections of the film surface blank in a dot or slit pattern in the design data. The types and sizes of the dots and slits are selected according to the desired use; operators simply select the see-through graphics option for printing.


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