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Seal Introduces Print Mount Metal-X

Helps prevent surface and light bleed-through.

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Seal has expanded its Print Mount adhesive film line with Seal Print Mount Metal-X. Print Mount Metal-X comprises a polypropylene carrier with a permanent acrylic adhesive that contains a 'metallized' layer. The metallized layer prevents surface and light bleed-through, as well as color shift when mounting digital images onto dark, colored, or translucent substrates.

"In trade show and P-O-P applications, for example, a brightly colored substrate may be used as part of a display's design. Metal-X lets you mount digital prints to such substrates without fear of the substrate bleeding through and altering the look of the printed image," says Angela Mohni, Seal Graphics director of marketing.

Print Mount Metal-X is available in roll widths from 25 to 51 in.


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