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Seiko's Grand-Format ColorPainter 100S

Solvent printer features six piezo heads

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Seiko now offers a grand-format solvent printer"?the 100-in. ColorPainter 100S. This new printer can output onto a variety of uncoated media, has three onboard heating systems (front, print, and rear), and features six industrial piezoelectric printheads.

The new ColorPainter prints onto uncoated rollfed or sheetfed media up to 104 in. wide and up to 0.63 mm thick. It utilizes 6-color (CMYKcm) EG-Outdoor solvent pigmented inks, available in 1000-ml cartridges. Without lamination, these inks offer a durability of up to 3 yr outdoor. It offers several resolutions and speeds"?2-pass draft (720 x 360 dpi), 330 sq ft/hr; 4-pass fine-draft (720 x 540 dpi), 220 sq ft/hr; standard 4-pass (720 x 720 dpi), 176 sq ft/hr; and high-quality 8- pass (720 x 720 dpi) mode, 88 sq ft/hr.

The 100S can print directly onto unbacked mesh (allowing users to purchase less-expensive unlined mesh). It also features accurate double-sided printing with a take-up system that winds up the roll and feeds it back into the printer for double-sided banner printing. In addition, the ColorPainter 100S allows printing on two rolls simultaneously for 2-up printing, and has a heavy-duty media feed/take-up system that holds rolls up to 242 lbs.

The 100S does not come bundled with a RIP; typically, dealers will integrate the RIP of their choice. However, notes Seiko, all major RIP manufacturers have expressed support for the ColorPainter 100S and will release compatible products for it upon the release of the printer.

The ColorPainter 100S joins the Color- Painter 64S in the company's product line. "Adding the ColorPainter 100S will enable us to offer a wider range of products to our customers," says Pat Ryan, general manager of Seiko I Infotech- America. "With its performance, media versatility, outdoor durability, and amazing color, we believe it will be a very popular product in the 'grand-format' market space." Price: $59,995; shipping date: June 2005. (Seiko-I Infotech: www.seiko-i.com)

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