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Seiko’s Lightfastness Study

New white paper addresses various wide-format printer inks.

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Seiko Instruments USA (SIU) has published a white paper addressing the lightfastness of various wide-format printer inks, including its own ColorPainter low-solvent GX inks and ColorPainter HAPs-Free IX inks.

The white paper also includes comparisons of  print metrics such as color gamut, gloss levels, print-to-print color consistency, print speeds, ink usage, printhead replacement rates, and overall running costs.

"It is important for everyone in our industry to understand and know how long various inks last under various conditions, so they can use this information when comparing printers," says Pat Ryan, general manager of Seiko Instruments USA – Infotech Division.

Copies of the white paper can be received electronically, or by traditional mail by contacting Seiko Instruments USA directly at colorpainterinfo@seikoinstruments.com.


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