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Seminar for 'Color Freaks'

X-Rite and Pantone present in-depth color seminar in 20 cities.

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X-Rite and Pantone are presenting 'Color Control Freak,' a one-day seminar designed to provide in-depth look at color, its value in the design process, and reproduction techniques.

Attendees will learn how to collect, build, and specify color that remains consistent from screen to print; how to effectively communicate color with clients; how to use palette-building software tools to select and build reproducible color palettes; working with RGB, CMYK, and spot-color systems; better screen-to-print matching; calibrating the monitor to improve color editing; using in-house printers for accurate prints and proofs; and color-management setup in Adobe CS2 and CS3.

The seminar will visit more than 20 cities from March through May 2008. Registration: $295, including instruction, course materials, and meals. HP and Eizo are additional seminar sponsors.

In addition, X-Rite has announced dates and locales for its 'Fundamentals of Color and Appearance' seminar in 2008. The one-day seminars are geared toward quality-control and assurance professionals, manufacturing suppliers, 'or anyone who evaluates or approves color.' Information will range from the physics of color to lighting, spectrophotometers, and color data, to measuring, viewing and understanding color data. Available in fifteen cities throughout 2008; price: $549; including registration, course materials, and meals.


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