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Sensor Loupe from VisibleDust

And Epson introduces V200 Photo Scanner.

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Sensor Loupe from VisibleDust: VisibleDust has introduced the Sensor Loupe to its line of DSLR cleaning products. Designed to examine the sensor of a digital SLR, the Sensor Loupe utilizes six LEDs and a high-resolution 5x lens to allow users to view debris. The Sensor Loupe also can be used for viewing the chamber area of the camera body or examining film negatives. Price: $69.95. www.visbledust.com

Epson Perfection V200 Photo scanner: Epson has introduced the Epson Perfection V200 Photo scanner. The scanner offers a 4800-dpi optical resolution and 48-bit scanning with 3.2 dynamic range for transparencies. The scanner features and 180? lid and is able to handle 3-D objects up to 25-mm thick. It features Advanced Digital Dust & Scratch Correction technology, Backlight Correction for better color reproduction, and Epson Easy Photo Fix for color restoration, dust removal, and grain reduction. Price: $99.99. www.epson.com.

Corrections and clarifications: Our Large-Format Scanner Sourcelist (July, p. 52) incorrectly stated the resolution of some scanner models. We reported that three models feature 800-dpi optical resolution, but, the figure quoted is not optical resolution: the Contex Puma G600 iJet, the GTCO Calcomp ScanPlus6 LF642, and the Vidar Titan 600e iJet. Our thanks to Henrik Vestermark of The Other Solutions (www.theothersolutions.com) for pointing this out. We regret the error.

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