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Sericol Debuts Flatbed Resource

New website features "tools to measure key performance criteria."?

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Fujifilm Sericol USA, the distributor of Inca digital presses, has launched www.flatbedfacts.com, a website that provides company tips on evaluating flatbed-printer performance, and presents six criteria to consider when selecting a flatbed printer.

Some of the website’s features include: a comparison between UV digital flatbed printers and combination printers, with demonstration proof points and equations for calculating ROI; a process on evaluating print speed versus production speed; recommendations on evaluating print quality; definitions and methods to measure productivity and output; factors affecting ink performance, usage and cost; and a downloadable PDF that can be used as part of the printer-buying process.

"The site is designed to assist in separating the facts from the hype and provides end users with specific tools to measure key performance criteria on the equipment," says Terry Amerine, wide format graphics marketing manager for Fujifilm Sericol.


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