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'The Seybold Report' Issues Call for Speakers for Reunion Conference

Event to take place April 18-19, 2013, in Skytop, Pennsylvania.

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The Seybold Report has issued a call for speakers for its reunion conference, which will take place April 18-19 2013, at the Skytop Lodge Executive Conference Center in Skytop, Pennsylvania.

The conference is for anyone who has ever attended a Seybold Seminars event, read or subscribed to a Seybold Publications newsletter, spoke at or wrote an article for Seybold, or was part of the staff.

Ideal speakers should be experienced and comfortable speaking to large groups and should have an interest in sharing his or her testimony, strategies, and insights. According to Molly Joss of the Joss Group, who owns the Seybold Report, the speaker must be able to attend the entire reunion where he or she will engage with attendees, and must be willing to partner with the Joss Group to create the best possible experience for the conference. Joss also asks that the speakers help spread the word about the reunion.

If interested in becoming a speaker, a form must be downloaded from the Seybold Report Reunion’s website (www.seyboldreportreunion.com), completed, and sent to molly@thejossgroup.com.



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