SGP Launches ‘Take Action’ Campaign

“Our goal is to put SGP in the forefront of everyday business, making it easy for everyone to benefit from all that it has to offer.”

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The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) has announced the launch of its new outreach campaign, “Take Action.” The campaign is designed to encourage print providers, print buyers, suppliers, and others to take action by getting involved with SGP “and reaping the benefits of certification and sustainability.”

Goals for the Take Action campaign by early Q1 2013 include: raising the number of SGP Certified applicants; increasing the number of print buyers that prefer SGP Certified print shops; increasing the number of suppliers that sponsor SGP; and significantly raising the number of organizations and individuals on SGP's mailing list. The new campaign will involve outreach via e-mail, social networking, print, and traditional one-to-one phone calls with its target audience.

“SGP Certification does more than just help companies become good stewards for the environment, it significantly improves a business's value and its bottom line," says Heidi Thompson, SGP’s Take Action campaign leader. “Our goal is to put SGP in the forefront of everyday business, making it easy for everyone to benefit from all that it has to offer.”

In its press release, the SGP indicated that companies can “take action” in various ways, including:

• Print Facilities can demonstrate a commitment to sustainability by becoming SGP Certified. “SGP's publicly vetted set of criteria and third-party certification provides a strong return on investment by identifying operational improvements and waste reductions. SGP Certification also helps print facilities to meet the ever-growing supply chain requirements.”

• Suppliers can show their support for environmental responsibility by becoming a Platinum, Gold, or Silver Patron of SGP. “By becoming an SGP Patron, suppliers support SGP’s mission of encouraging and promoting participation in the movement to increase the social responsibility of the graphic-communications supply network through sustainable green practices.”

• Print buyers can recommend and develop a formal procurement policy “that preferences SGP Certified print facilities. SGP Certified print facilities make sustainability claims for printed products credible and transparent. Preferencing SGP Certified facilities publicly demonstrates a company's ongoing commitment to sustainability, which resonates with customers, clients, employees, and stakeholders.”


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