Blink Digital Media executes output of Natasha Rosling's digital collage.

Big Picture

For Art Along the Schinkel – an outdoor exhibition adjacent to the Schinkel Canal in Amsterdam, Holland – artist Natasha Rosling, known for her large, brightly colored artwork, created a digital collage titled Shift using images she had sliced, layered, and manipulated in Photoshop.

London-based Blink Digital Media executed the output via its HP Scitex XP5300 UV printer, onto Seemee Frontlit Standard FR B7641 banner material. Rosling then cut the panels and sewed the seams to allow Blink to run the cables through to install.

“Tensioning the cables had to be done very precisely since the tension in the rigging wires could not pull the bridge arms out of line – but the artwork needed to be as straight as possible for each of the separate artwork panels to align correctly,” explains Blink’s Steve Wilkinson. When the bridge is down, the four rows of panels are separated, but when the bridge rises, the panels shift together to form the large artwork.


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