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Signage Foundation Announces National Signage Research and Education Conference

Event will take place October 13-15 in Cincinnati.

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The first National Signage Research and Education Conference will take place October 13-15 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Sponsored by The Signage Foundaton, Inc. (SFI), in collaboration with the University of Cincinnati’s College of Business and College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, the event is aimed at sign manufacturers and end users as well as educators, planners, and regulators.

The conference will offer three days of topical presentations, studio projects and breakout sessions on the theme, "Innovative Collaborations for Signage Management in the Visual Environment." Specific conference presentations will include:

* "Emerging Innovation in Signage Regulation: Model Sign Code Presentation"

* "The SFI-University of Cincinnati Collaboration: Vision for the Nation’s First Center for Signage'

* "Signage as Marketing Communications'

* "Emerging Trends in User/Neuorscience Research' and

* "Studio Project Integrating Model Sign Code'

The fee for the conference is $225 for early registration, $295 for general registration and $50 for students. For registration, contact patty@signagefoundation.org.

Founded in 2002, SFI promotes'intelligent and productive use of on-premise signage and storefronts to benefit every sector of the economy.' To this end, SFI reports, it works to educate the public and regulators about the social, economic and aesthetic value of signage, while emphasizing how to maximize its communication effectiveness. The foundation providdes education to sign manufacturers, sign users, and those who interact with sign users-including end users, communications agencies, planners, regulators and others.


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