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Simple Sealing

A spotlight on unique or useful tools.

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Installing vehicle graphics presents many issues: getting the graphic straight, preventing bubbles, and applying over curves and rivets, just to name a few. One after-install issue is graphics that lift and curl along the edges. Now, however, there’s a simple solution-the SealItPen. The pen-like product is filled with acrylic clear enamel. Simply "draw" over the edges of a vehicle wrap to protect it against lifting, peeling, edge curling, and contamination, as well as extend the life of the wrap. It dries in approximately 15 minutes and protects against washing, polishing, and excessive physical contact.

The SealItPen is safe for digital and thermal prints as well as vinyl lettering. When you need to change graphics, simply clean the surface with mineral spirits to remove any remaining sealer. The SealItPen has been around since 1999 and is now used by Ford Aerospace to hold wires on a PC board, reports owner Art Schilling. Each pen contains enough enamel to seal approximately 10 sets of truck doors. List price: $8.99.


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