Simultaneously Mount and Laminate with Durafilm Boards

Graphic Laminating film paired with Fome-Cor graphic-arts board

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For simultaneous pouch mounting and laminating, Graphic Laminating, Inc. has teamed up with the Uniwood/Fom-Cor Division of Nevamar Co. to offer Durfilm mounting boards. The product combines back-laminated Fome-Cor graphic arts boards with overlays of heat-activated laminate films to provide a time-saving way for untrained operators to laminate and mount low volumes of graphics.

JoAnn Wolff, vice-president of sales for Graphic Laminating, claims that "These are the most easy-to-use, virtually foolproof laminating consumables available." Users simply select the board closest in size to the graphic to be mounted, lift the attached laminating film, center the graphic on the board, and re-cover it with the attached film. Graphic Laminating recommends using the LEDCO XL 27/44 pouch mounter-laminators, but the products can be used with any pouch-laminating system.

The 3/16-in. thick boards are available in six sizes, ranging from 9 x 12 in. up to 43 x 61 in. The attached films are available with gloss, satin, velvet or crystal finishes. (Graphic Laminating:

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