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The Skinny on Framing: Rose Display's ThinLine Frames

Featuring black and clear anodized aluminum finishes.

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ThinLine Frames from Rose Displays are engineered with a concealed spring that creates the illusion that the graphic blends seamlessly with the frame rail, resulting in a sleek, stylish look. Ideal for fixture mounting, the frame’s structure allows for multiple frames to be hung side-by-side. The thin rails are just ¾-inch wide with the frame sitting ½-inch of off the wall. Custom-cut to exact specifications, ThinLines are available in sizes from 8.5 x 8.5- to 48 x 96-inches. The frame system can be purchased with pre-drilled holes for mounting directly to the wall; wall hangers, peg/slatwall hangers, and adhesives are also available.

Stock finishes include black and clear anodized aluminum with matching corner blocks; custom colors are also available. ThinLines work best with rigid or semi-rigid substrates up to ½-inch thick.


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